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Photo effects

April 10 2017 , Written by R. Missy

Ok, so one more blog post for today, And it is about photo effects! Check this image:











So this is the portable freeware I was looking for in a very long time. It has everything I need to apply the filters I want to my photos. Ok ok so you want to download it right away and don't read what I have to say? Ok, here you can download:


Let me tell you something: film photography is dead. Digital photography is the future and the future is now!

Digital photography is so much easier and more cost effective than ever. You can edit your photos after taking them much easier without wasting paper. What is photography without editing? Nothing! What is photography without retouching? Nothing! And if someone will ever tell you this is not tru, he would be wrong, now you know.

Now I let you discover this amazing software. Here are a few more download mirrors:

Download Mirror 1

Download Mirror 2

Download Mirror 3

Download Mirror 4

Download Mirror 5


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Oh I'm learning

April 10 2017 , Written by R. Missy

So it seems I can add only 10 blogroll links :(

Why Overblog why are you doing this to me? Ok, I quit!

Nah... I don't quit... just it's so hard to limit on 10 blogroll links, why not 100?

What happens when I read a blog, a mindmap or a news release? Maybe it's important and I want to add it to my blogroll. But probably I won't as I've already occupied 8 from my very limited 10 spots.

So guess I will be limiting myself to blog posts.

Yeah see you soon guys, I think I'm going to post one more time today.

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Mahjong titans

April 10 2017 , Written by R. Missy

Ok... so moving fast to my second post. Overblog platform si pretty cool. The most annoying things are slow upload speed for photos and adding links manually for every url. But I can live with that and will continue this blog to make everyone happy :)

Ok, so here there are the remaining links for mahjong resources


Next stop will be on trying to add a blog roll... let's see how that goes.


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April 10 2017 , Written by R. Missy

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